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Website & brand photography for Blue Collars

  • March 16, 2015

Blue Collars, a “trades” services company which offers managed, audited, accredited and guaranteed plumbing, electrical, general maintenance and related services has just gone live with a new website

AJ Cotton Durban Photographer has been instrumental in the development of all brand images for the website and other marketing promotional channels. The first baseline image that was required for the company was a still-life image to represent the company’s bundle of services.

An appropriate stock photograph was identified, but it was missing representation of a key service the company offers. So a similar image with additional elements was set up and shot in our studio using similar lighting and post-processing treatment to solve the problem. This image has featured across all of the company’s launch promotion items, from business cards to an electronic newsletter through to vehicle signage and the website itself.

Recent images shot for the company include “people” offering the company’s services at authentic locations. The advantage of shooting “real” company people is that it lends credibility to the overall brand. Other companies in the sector have used overly “perfect” stock images, usually of people clearly not from South Africa.

With the proliferation of “good” photographs from stock agencies offered at low pricing, using “real” or “authentic” or “original” images are an opportunity to to set a brand apart from the competition.

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